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Welcome to GIFT BASKETS KJ featuring gift baskets to suite all your giving needs. used these distinctive gift baskets to built a business relationship, show Hospitality or Recognition for a job well done. For your satisfaction GIFT BASKETS KJ guarantee every gift baskets order or we will refund or exchange any baskets or basket items excluding embroidery products. See embroidery information for more detail.

8 Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Boston, MA. Zip 02109

Office:(617) 298-2313

Shipping Information:

DO YOU SHIP SAME DAY In most case, same day shipping is possible when order before 11:am.

IS DELIVERY GUARANTEED We put great efford in trying to meet the delivery date with express or overnight service if need be.However Gift Baskets Kj have know control over the carriger and delivery may take longer. Once an order is shiped we will provide you with the tracking numbers, so you will be able to track your package. Extra shipping charge may apply depending on the type of shipping methol we use or the shipping methol you choose.

REFUND We will refund or exchange any gift basket items, excluding embroidery products (see embroidery information for more info) just as long as you let us know of the problem within 15 business days.

RETURN Return merchandise in it original package for a full refund or exchange as soon as possible.

CANCELLATION An order may be cancel if requests are made before order is shiped. Once an order is shiped we have know way to recall that shipment until it reach it destination. We asked that as soon as you deside you know longer need the order you should notify us with out delay.

Frequently Asked Questions:
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