Happy Holiday Gourmet food Gift Basket

Happy Holiday Gourmet food Gift Basket

Item# HFB-098
descriptionThis Free Shipping Happy Holiday gourmet food gift basket is just in time for the Christmas Holiday season.

Packed with Smoked Salmon (exclusively Wild Alaska Salmon

Flavored Cheddar Cheese Spread

Garden Vegetable Crackers

Super select California Prunes

Caffe Latte

A mug for your hot latte

Earl Grey Tea

A bag of Boston Best gourmet Coffee Roasters

A bag of freshly ground New England Coffee

Dried Mixed Nuts

Fine imports Manzanilla Olives

Order this Christmas gift basket now and have it delivery right to your place of business of to your recipient resident, place of business, hotels, School, Hospital, or even ship this holiday basket to arrive in time for the holiday. KJ Paula Gift Baskets wish you a HAPPY HOLIDY and a prosperous NEW YEAR.
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