Gift Basket 4

Gift Basket 4

Item# GBB-10
descriptionGift Basket Boston MA is our customer choice for thank you and appreciation gift basket of the year. send it now for free delivery in the Boston area.

This gift basket is packed with gourmet roasted mix nuts

Trophy Farms dry nut and fruits

Finest chocolates Truffles

Brie Flavored Cheese Spread


Caramel Popcorn

Rothschild Farm Gourmet Pretzel

Rothschild Farm Gourmet Pretzel Dip

Luxury Chocolate Trio Cookies

This gift basket is a great treat and a great gift to give any time of the year. Get free delivery for this gift basket to any Boston area hospital and any place of business. Call us today 617-990-7814 or order online anytime. Thanks you for your time.
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