Bosses Thank You Basket

Bosses Thank You Basket

Item# BB-70
descriptionSend this Gourmet gift basket packed with very fine quality gourmet food and snack choices.

Packed in this gift basket are:

Is a box of Crispy Chewy Luxury Chocolate Trio Gourmet Cookies

A tin of The Republic of Tea Orange Ginger Mint

A Bottle of Non-Alcohol Champagne

Milles Lacs Gourmet Wine Flavored

Comfort Collection Mix Nuts

A Bottle of Grilling Sauce

A Jar of Stonewall Kitchen Mustard

Gourmet Bread Sticks

A Bottle of Fine imports Manzanilia Green Olive

Kasilof Smoked Salmon

Bottle of Olive Oil

Send this Gift Basket to any Boston establishment, Boston Massachusetts Hospital and Recipient place of resident. Please call us any time at 617-990-7814 for help in making your order or go online at to place your order 24 hours a day seven days a week.
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