Birthday Basket

Birthday Basket

Item# BD-101
descriptionBirthday Fruit Baskets, this Birthday Fruit-Gourmet Gift Baskets packed with Irresistible fruit and unique selected gourmet food and snacks. Send this gift basket as tokens of your affection; it is completely wonderful and beautifully decorated. This wicker basket is flowing over with.

Packed with Ripe Bananas


Mandarins Oranges

Freshly chosen Red Apple

Carr's Water Crackers

Cheddar Cheeses

Jar of Green Olives

Fruit Preserves

Chocolate Truffles

Mixed Nuts

Brent&Sam's Gourmet Cookies

This is a unique ways to say happy birthday to any one in around the Boston area, Massachusetts and near by cities and the South Shore area. Thanks for visiting or call 617-990-7814 or 617-298-2313 any time to place your order for the holiday or year round.
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